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Some Twists on a Tried and True Exercise: The Push up


Push Ups  – Some New Twists to an Old Friend (and some extra core work as well)

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This push up routine was much harder than I thought it would be!!

 I tried Alan’s push up routine the other day. I love push ups because they work the core and the arms without using weights or equipment.  I was very surprised how difficult some of these variations on the standard push up are…try them at home! [Read more…]

If You had to Choose Between Running Hot…or Running Cold, What Would it Be?


#5 (Annie) and me running after a snowfall. By the way, she would choose a cold day, too!

Living in the south, I don’t get too many opportunities to run in the snow.  However, on Saturday, we got about four inches in Charlotte, NC, and the next day I was definately out in it.  There is something magical about running in the snow.  I would even prefer to be in the white stuff as it is falling, but on Sunday we got to run in the day-after snow. The sky was a brilliant Carolina blue, making for an amazing contrast against the white covered trees, and although the air was a frigid 24…I was in heaven. [Read more…]

Five Secrets to Life-Long Weight Loss

In the end, gimmicks are not effective for long term weight loss. Tried and true, these “secrets” are actually simple common sense.

My friend and physical therapist, Alan Tyson, gave me this excellent article.  It is right on the money.Weight loss always seems to be at the forefront of  goals for the new year and there is ample talk about ways to take off those excess pounds.  But keeping it off is the real prize. While many have success for a while with their weight loss plan, often, over time, the pounds creep back.  The real question isn’t really an annual one…it is a forever question… How do we keep the weight off — today, tomorrow, and for the rest of our life? Not even everyone with “lucky genes” can stay slim for a lifetime without the help of a few basic strategies.  I trust Alan’s judgment because he works with elite athletes and with weekend warriors alike, and his focus is prevention through strength and nutrition.  Let me know what you think of the article, and check in later this week for a look at someone who lost 20 pounds a few years ago, and has kept it off. I will talk to her about what she feels is the “secret” to her success.

Five Secrets to Life-Long Weight Loss [Read more…]

Exercise After Baby…How Do We Do It?

Shannon working out at Pure Barre at 38 weeks!

A topic that many are interested in is how and when to get back to fitness after a pregnancy. Although getting back to fitness after each of my nine pregnancies was a priority for me, it changed as I had more children and as I got older. I talked to two women who both had a baby in the not-so-distant past and who are both already back to a full workout routine. I met Shannon at Pure Barre and was amazed as she continued to work out and look great throughout her pregnancy.  Ashley is a friend who also exercised throughout her eighth pregnancy…doing mostly P90X at her house.   I also weighed in on some of the questions…

1. How long ago did you give birth? Was it a C-section?
Ashley: My youngest is 4 months old.  Not a C-section.

Shannon:  I gave birth to my second son 14 weeks ago. I had a C-section due to complications from my first son’s delivery.

2. Did you exercise during your pregnancy? If so, did that help in terms of birth or recovery?
Ashley:  Yes, 5-6 days a week up until the week she was born.  It helped greatly in terms of energy during the pregnancy.  My labors have started to slow down (she is my 8th).  It’s hard to tell if it helped in terms of birth.  It certainly helped in terms of my health.  Her strip during labor was flawless … no way to know for sure if that is connected to a healthy mommy, but I have to think it factors in.  My recovery was very easy.  That is absolutely attributed to the exercise.  I’ve had non-exercising pregnancies and the recovery period is much longer. [Read more…]

One Cool Dude with One Cool Dog…(and an Exercise Philosophy to Go with It)

Eric’s cool dog, Cadence.

When I told my son (#4, Peter) the title for this post, he looked at me and said, “Mom…you’re not really going to say that.” I realize that the word “dude” has no business in this middle-aged mom’s vocabulary, but when you read about Eric Lane I think you will understand that it is a word that fits.  I’ll put up with the rolling eyes of my teenagers and say it anyway…Eric is one cool dude and he has one amazingly cool dog. [Read more…]

Winning By Losing…Have You Read This Book?

Most of us, by the time we are in our forties (some even earlier), have discovered that losing weight or even maintaining our ideal weight can be more difficult than when we were younger! Metabolism starts to slow, exercise routines become routine, and even our attitudes need revamping as we age. In other words, most of us understand the meaning of hitting a plateau when it comes to our weight. However, knowing what to do when this happens can be confusing. There are lots of diets out there claiming to be the answer as well as plenty of promising new exercise programs designed to recharge our system. It’s hard to know where to turn. [Read more…]

Hills…We Hate Them, But We Love Them…Here’s Why we Need Them!

Running hills on our recent trip to Maine was unavoidable….but now I see their value. I’m even wishing I had a fall marathon to run!

Having just returned from nine days in Maine, I was elated this morning as I began a run with my sister, Susan… 9.5 miles of gloriously flat terrain. During the trip I had actually come to dread the start of each run because it was always a whopper of a hill.  Actually, with the exception of a four mile run that was an out and back course, there was no way to avoid the hills in Maine.  Truth be told, and dreading aside, I found myself a stronger runner at the end of the trip.  In fact, I am disappointed that I am not in training for a fall marathon this year because I believe the last few weeks in hilly Maine would have been an outstanding base for a marathon PR. [Read more…]

Recap of the Last Few Days at Lovejoy Pond…Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

I liked Gracie’s idea of posting with pictures and since we are off to Boothbay (the coast of Maine) this afternoon…it’s the quickest way to do it!  We only have one full day left at Lovejoy Pond and we are trying to fit in as much as we can.  The weather has been gorgeous here these last few days and we have taken advantage of all there is to do. … [Read more…]

Day Five at Lovejoy Pond…A Picture Perfect Day

Hi, I am # 6 (Gracie) and I am writing today’s post about our adventures in good, clean fun at Lovejoy Pond in Maine.  Instead of telling you about our day, I will show it to you with photos since I think it was a picture perfect day!

While Peter and his dad went for a run, my mom and Annie (and Sammy kind of) did P90X Yoga to start the day…








[Read more…]

Do Not Ignore the Pelvic Floor (and Here’s a Website to Help)…

The pelvic floor is crucial to our core.

I recently came across a great resource I would like to share with my 9 Kid Fitness readers (at least the women in the group)! As you might know from reading my blog I am always seeking ways to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and I believe those muscles are a crucial part of our core.  As I get older and continue to exercise, pelvic health has become even more important to my overall health and especially to my ability to stay functionally fit!  What do I mean by  functionally fit?  My fitness is so much more than simply my daily workouts … I need to be “fit for life” and that means for all of the different roles I have and for the many daily demands that I face (#9 is three and as the baby of the family…still loves to be held)!  Although the “demands” may change, they  will only continue to be varied as I get older. In other words I need to be fit for all of my life, not just for the hour or so a day that I workout. [Read more…]