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The Biggest Loser…a Motivator or a Downer for Those Needing to Lose Weight?

According to a recent study, some people are actually turned off by watching the “extreme”exercise on a show like The Biggest Loser.

A recent study showed interesting results after participants watched The Biggest Loser.  Although we might believe that The Biggest Loser would motivate those who need to lose a lot of weight, the study revealed that the opposite might be true.  Watching “extreme exercise” seemed to create a negative feeling about working out for those who need to lose weight… possibly because of the extreme fitness required of those profiled in the show.

In the study, 138 undergraduate students from the University of Alberta (Canada)  were split into two groups. One group watched a seven-minute clip – chosen for its extreme depiction of exercise – from early in The Biggest Loser’s ninth season, when competitors were struggling with obesity. A control group watched a segment from the reality show American Idol. [Read more…]

Winning By Losing…Have You Read This Book?

Most of us, by the time we are in our forties (some even earlier), have discovered that losing weight or even maintaining our ideal weight can be more difficult than when we were younger! Metabolism starts to slow, exercise routines become routine, and even our attitudes need revamping as we age. In other words, most of us understand the meaning of hitting a plateau when it comes to our weight. However, knowing what to do when this happens can be confusing. There are lots of diets out there claiming to be the answer as well as plenty of promising new exercise programs designed to recharge our system. It’s hard to know where to turn. [Read more…]