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Functional Fitness Works When Other Types of Exercise Are Elusive

Functional Fitness is fitness that we do outside of a scheduled workout time…it’s the stuff that we sometimes forget to count, but that counts for a lot!  Mowing the lawn with a push mower, landscaping (moving rocks, logs, gardening), using stairs at home for a quick and dirty workout, walking or running around a soccer field while the kids are at practice.   All of these fit under the functional fitness category (almost anything goes) and can go a long way to improve conditioning when you least expect it! [Read more…]

Start the School Year Off Right: Make Sure Your Family is Eating These Nine Foods That Boost the Immune System

images (8)For many, this week or next ushers in a new school year for our children.  We want them to be prepared to give it their all and so we’ve paid for new books, new folders, and new pens, pencils and calculators.  But are we also helping them feel their best and be prepared to fight off the germs and bacteria that usher in colds, flu, and other common “school year illnesses”? To keep the immune system working at its best, we can increase our intake of the following foods.  They are recommended by my good friend and owner of Architect Sports, Alan Tyson (I add the last one because I swear by it): [Read more…]

Nine Reasons Broccoli is Still the Go-To Veggie for Athletes (and Non-Athletes)

img_4864I recently heard my friend, physical therapist Alan Tyson, say that broccoli is his favorite pick for “green” food hands down.  Alan talks to his athletes and clients about nutrition almost as much as he talks about their injuries.  Here are Alan’s nine reasons we should be eating our broccoli:

1. Cancer Prevention Broccoli contains glucoraphanin, which the body processes into the anti-cancer compound sulforaphane. This compound rids the body of H. pylori, a bacterium found to highly increase the risk of gastric cancer. Furthermore, broccoli contains indole-3-carbinol, a powerful antioxidant compound and anti-carcinogen found to not only hinder the growth of breast, cervical and prostate cancer, but also boosts liver function. Broccoli shares these cancer fighting, immune boosting properties with other cruciferous vegetables such as cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and cabbage.

2. Cholesterol Reduction Like many whole foods, broccoli is packed with soluble fiber that draws cholesterol out of your body. [Read more…]

How Long Does it Take to Get Out of Shape?

runners-high-1024x682If you are like me, it feels like it takes much longer to get in shape than it does to get out of it.  How accurate is this feeling?  Are we imagining it, or is it true that what we have worked so hard to build can be quickly lost? How long does it take to get out of shape?

The answer is actually not as straight forward as we might like it to be.  It depends on a few factors.  How long we have been working out, what kind of exercise we do, and even how old we are all are important factors regarding how quickly we lose our “fitness” level. [Read more…]

Lifting Heavier Weights With Fewer Reps Might Bring Best Results

weight trainingimages (3)There are lots of myths in the world of fitness.  Sorting through the facts and the fiction is often a challenge.  My good friend and owner of Architech Sports, Alan Tyson (PT, ATC) wrote an article recently, exposing some of the myths behind the notion that “lifting heavy makes you big and bulky”.

Basically, what Alan revealed is that it is often what we eat that creates the bulk, not the weights we are lifting.  He explained that the idea that “toned” physiques come from lifting lighter weights more times, just isn’t supported by science. “Producing bulky muscles requires not just heavy weights, but heavy calorie consumption, typically above the daily calories recommended for most adults. [Read more…]

An Awesome Curried Chicken Salad You Need to Try

Awesome Curried Chicken Salad. The picture doesn't show the yellow curry, but it's in there and it is tasty.

Awesome Curried Chicken Salad. The picture doesn’t show the yellow curry, but it’s in there and it is tasty.

The other day I made curried chicken salad using a rotisserie chicken. It was easy, healthy, and so delicious. What is not to love about curry.  Here is the recipe:

Curried Chicken Salad


2 rotisserie chickens (if you have fewer mouths to feed, one chicken is fine)

2 green scallions

1 cup mayonnaise

2 tablespoons curry powder

4 stalks of celery chopped

1/2 lime or lemon

2 fresh basil leaves

2 large apples

salt and pepper to taste (or Krazy Salt) [Read more…]

A Go-To Workout When You Are Lost at the Gym

We've all been a gym, surrounded by exercise, and no motivation...

We’ve all been there…at a gym, surrounded by exercise, and no motivation…

My gym is the local Y (YMCA), which here in Charlotte, North Carolina, is extensive and offers incredible amenities. Although I don’t get to the Y much anymore, last week I found myself there while #6 (Grace) was at rowing practice (her team practices at the Y when they can’t get on the lake).

Surrounded by rooms of equipment, machines, free weights, and even climbing walls, I was at a loss of what to do.  Has that ever happened to you?  I was standing there with more exercise opportunities than I could ask for, any workout at my fingertips, and nothing enticed me.

Lacking in motivation to create my own workout and typically ill-timed for a group exercise class, I walked the gym.  I guess I figured some exercise machine would reach out and grab me.  None did and so I spent at least 10 minutes wandering around, looking pretty pathetic actually.

After passing an exercise bike, a rowing machine, and a treadmill at least five times, it dawned on me that I now only had 45 minutes left before Grace would be done with her practice.  Finally I decided to get on all three for 15 minutes each. At least I wouldn’t be bored. [Read more…]

Six Power Packed Performance Snacks

platters of fruitIt seems my kids are always hungry.  They are athletic and so I feel bad when all I have at home for them to grab before or after practice are processed energy bars.  Even for selfish reasons I am on the constant look-out for quick snacks that are also packed with protein and the “good” kind of carbs that give me energy. Here are six homeade portable performance snacks recommended by physical therapist, Alan Tyson of Architech Sports in Charlotte, NC.  They are made with items easy to keep in the fridge or pantry, and they are fairly inexpensive as well!

recipe-image-legacy-id--901820_10Greek yogurt with fruit and nuts

 Non-fat or low-fat Greek yogurt mixed with fruit and a tablespoon of nuts forms a great combination of carbohydrates, protein and other essential nutrients active people need. We recommend adding almonds or walnuts. [Read more…]

True Fans Run in the Family…Keep Pounding

IMG_0372When the Carolina Panthers went to Super Bowl XXXVIII, #4 (Peter) celebrated with a Super Bowl party at our house. The end of an exciting Panther’s season just happened to coincide with his birthday on Super Bowl Sunday. He was turning 8. It was a great party with games and cake and kids gathered around the TV to watch the game. Unfortunately it ended with Peter in tears over the Panther’s loss to the New England Patriots.

Peter turned 20 this week and today the Carolina Panthers will play in Super Bowl 50. A lot has happened in the years in between. One thing hasn’t changed. Peter has never waivered in his love of the Carolina Panthers.  Neither have any of his four brothers (although #9 wasn’t even born in 2003, he’s been a Panther’s fan as long as he’s been able) or his four sisters, for that matter.

We moved to North Carolina from the midwest 18 years ago.  #5 (Annie), #6(Grace), #7 (John), #8(C.C.), and #9(Sam) were all born here.  Although my husband James and I grew up in Chicago Bears country, we couldn’t help but quickly become Carolina Panthers fans as we watched our boys form an attachment to the team (2016 Carolina Panthers and their energy and enthusiasm remind me of the 1985 Chicago Bears team). [Read more…]

Homeade Curried Lentil Soup…You Gotta Try This!

Homeade Curried Lentil Soup...

Homeade Curried Lentil Soup…

I love anything “curried”, so yesterday I took an old lentil soup recipe,  added some curry, celery and potatoes… and voila! I turned it into a “curried lentil soup”.  If I may say so myself, it was delicious…and healthy too!  Here it is: [Read more…]