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Six Power Packed Performance Snacks

platters of fruitIt seems my kids are always hungry.  They are athletic and so I feel bad when all I have at home for them to grab before or after practice are processed energy bars.  Even for selfish reasons I am on the constant look-out for quick snacks that are also packed with protein and the “good” kind of carbs that give me energy. Here are six homeade portable performance snacks recommended by physical therapist, Alan Tyson of Architech Sports in Charlotte, NC.  They are made with items easy to keep in the fridge or pantry, and they are fairly inexpensive as well!

recipe-image-legacy-id--901820_10Greek yogurt with fruit and nuts

 Non-fat or low-fat Greek yogurt mixed with fruit and a tablespoon of nuts forms a great combination of carbohydrates, protein and other essential nutrients active people need. We recommend adding almonds or walnuts.

Nut butter & jelly or hummus sandwich

Peanut butter or other nut butter & jelly or hummus sandwiches (made on whole wheat bread) are portable and quick to prepare. You can also add cucumbers and tomatoes for a vegetable sandwich.

images (2)Low-fat chocolate milk

Research has shown that chocolate milk is a great recovery beverage. It provides the right mix of carbohydrates, protein and essential vitamins and minerals. Pair it with a piece of fruit for slightly more calories if needed. Be aware of any brands that have excessive sugar.

unnamedHomemade trail mix

Gather a variety of nuts, dried fruits and your favorite whole grain cereal or granola and make a portable trail mix. Remember to keep the amount you eat in check. Nuts contain healthy fats, but too many will leave you feeling too full.

 f1f763d0807af56ab5e76ed973e7cd3dCottage cheese and fruit

Mix low-fat cottage cheese with your favorite fresh fruit. This is another example of balancing a high quality protein source with a healthy carbohydrate.

img_2477Whole-wheat crackers, string cheese and fruit

For a balanced snack plate, combine a handful whole grain crackers with a piece of string cheese and a small piece of fruit.

Thinking ahead and understanding the importance of sports nutrition is one of the most under-utilized secrets to success for athletes. Even for those of us who workout on a regular basis and are simply looking for a cheaper, healthier alternative to the processed energy bar, these portable snacks are perfect. However, it’s important to remember these are snacks not meals so we don’t overeat.  Regardless of what king of fitness we do, planning ahead is the best way to prevent falling into bad habits and grabbing those processed energy bars.


  1. Jo Flemings says:

    Whitney can you post about athletic wear for women? And I know you are thin, but if you know a maker who carries larger sizes that perform well, can you mention that too. It seems the good makers (Athlete, Lululemon) charge an arm and a leg, and I don’t really know the better places to find decent athletic wear in town or online

    • Whitney Hetzel says:

      Yes! I have thought about that many times and have wanted to write something about it. There are actually a few good, cheaper brands out there that hold up well. Ill get on that!! Thanks for your comment, Jo!

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