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Winning By Losing…Have You Read This Book?

Most of us, by the time we are in our forties (some even earlier), have discovered that losing weight or even maintaining our ideal weight can be more difficult than when we were younger! Metabolism starts to slow, exercise routines become routine, and even our attitudes need revamping as we age. In other words, most of us understand the meaning of hitting a plateau when it comes to our weight. However, knowing what to do when this happens can be confusing. There are lots of diets out there claiming to be the answer as well as plenty of promising new exercise programs designed to recharge our system. It’s hard to know where to turn.

Jillian Michaels, who most people know as the fitness guru on TV’s Biggest Loser, wrote a book (first published in 2008) called “Winning By Losing“. I recommend it as a great place to look for answers to this plateau problem. The book addresses many of the issues that keep us from maintaining or losing weight, and is written in a clear and understandable way. This balanced approach to food and fitness makes losing weight a reasonable and attainable goal.

Michaels includes chapters on metabolic typing (determing whether you are a fast oxidizer, a slow oxidizer, or a balanced oxidizer), good and bad fats, and the lowdown on carbs and the glycemic load index. Her last chapter is an index of pictures of safe and productive exercises along with a 12-week exercise program. I recently read the book in a couple of days and, although some of it was a review of things I already knew, there was a lot in her book that I hadn’t ever really understood. Even the familiar material was written in a motivational fashion so that I became encouraged and re-energized by Michael’s words. Although we might predict a cliched product from a TV personality, this book is full of science and fact, yeat it is still easy to read. Have you read “Winning By Losing”? If not, I highly recommend it for a fresh look at healthy nutrition and exercise.

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