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One Cool Dude with One Cool Dog…(and an Exercise Philosophy to Go with It)

Eric’s cool dog, Cadence.

When I told my son (#4, Peter) the title for this post, he looked at me and said, “Mom…you’re not really going to say that.” I realize that the word “dude” has no business in this middle-aged mom’s vocabulary, but when you read about Eric Lane I think you will understand that it is a word that fits.  I’ll put up with the rolling eyes of my teenagers and say it anyway…Eric is one cool dude and he has one amazingly cool dog. [Read more…]

Vary Workout Routines to Reach Your Goals

I was talking the other day to a friend who told me that although she was training for a half-marathon and running long distances (over eight miles) a lot, she wasn’t losing any weight. I don’t think this is an uncommon thing to hear, and there are probably a few reasons it could be true for her. One…she might be eating more to compensate for her higher energy demands. Two…she may be gaining in muscle weight and the scale is just showing weight overall (in this case, I say who cares what the scale says). Three….her body may have adapted somewhat to her cardiovascular training by becoming more energy-efficient. This is good if you’re an athlete, but bad if you’re trying to lose weight.
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The Eight-Count Body Builder

I had a question while I was out of town last week asking how to do an eight-count body builder. So today I will share how it is done. For those who have done this exercise, I think most will agree it isn’t as easy as it looks. The movement itself isn’t hard, it is just putting it together with steady repetitions for about two minutes that gets your heart rate up there! This exercise is great for combining cardio and strength, which is why I included it in my post yesterday on a full-body workout. It is also why physical therapist Alan Tyson likes to use it with elite athletes! Here is how to do an eight count body builder: [Read more…]

Endorphins and The “Runner’s High”

runnerI wrote a post recently called Five Reasons Exercise Makes Me a Better Mom. Endorphins was the first reason I listed. Most of us are familiar with the term “runners high”, which refers to the euphoric feeling one sometimes gets after exercise. We know that exercise stimulates endorphin production, and research has shown that endorphins improve mood. But what is the best kind of exercise and how long do you need to do it in order to benefit from these endorphins? [Read more…]

An Insane Workout!

kickboxing I did the Insanity DVD (from workout this morning with my sister, Susan, at the gym. Some of the gym members meet at 6 a.m. every morning to do a P90X or Insanity workout. I have done P90X at home, but Insanity? I just don’t think I would do this kind of thing at home. Not because of the format, but because of the kind of workout it is. Imagine a calisthenics class with a boot camp instructor yelling and motivating you in a school gym with a bunch of VERY fit people alongside him, looking way too happy…! [Read more…]

Who says you have to workout to get a workout?

lawn mowerSo much for best laid plans! When the alarm sounded off in my ear this morning, there was no way I was getting out of bed. Even a second blaring of the alarm 10 minutes later was not going to arouse me. When I set the alarm last night, it was 10 pm. That was right before Thomas, my 16 year old, asked for help with the second paragraph of the paper he was struggling to write. About two hours later I emerged from the bonus room (he was still furiously writing), only to remember the email I needed to send before I went to sleep. At about 12:45, I finally fell into bed. [Read more…]

Me and the Energizer Bunny

BUNNYThe Energizer Bunny is alive and well…! Actually, I’m not sure where the credit is really due, to the battery… or to our Lifecycle stationary bike.  We’ve owned this Lifecycle since 1992, when my husband bought it for me before #2 (Mary Kate), was born.  It has moved with us from Bloomington, IN to St. Louis, MO, to Indianapolis, IN and finally to Charlotte, NC.  Along the way, the bike has been a loyal friend to me. Especially during my pregnancies and postpartum months (years, to be more accurate).

As I got increasingly larger during pregnancies, and it was harder to run, I would ride the bike.  When it was raining or snowing and I couldn’t get out, I would ride the bike.  When I was sidelined by injury, I could usually still ride my bike.  And sometimes, when I just wanted to read and not think about exercise, I rode the bike.  We don’t have an exercise room, so the Lifecycle has always graced our bedroom or closet (large closet). [Read more…]