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20 Minutes to a Great Full-Body Workout

Its really amazing how tough a 20 minute workout done at home or at the gym can be. And more importantly, how effective it can be! So many of us have a mindset of a long workout being the only kind that truly brings results. But the fact is that even 20 minutes of strength training can bring about change not only in how we look, but how we feel as well. ¬†Weight training needs to be an essential part of everybody’s fitness regime in order to boost our metabolism and improve aging (many people say fight aging, but I think that’s a misnomer). However, many of us feel we just don’t have time. The following is one example of a 20 minute whole body strength routine that can be done at home.

Start with 1 min. warm-up (30 sec. lifting legs to hands, and 30 sec. doing arm circles).
1 min. push-up
2 min. plank sequence (1 min. plank, 30 seconds side plank each side)
1 min. mountain climbers
2 min. bicep curls 5-10 lb. weights (5 one side, then 5 the next and so on)
2 min. reverse lunge
1 min. calf raises
2 min. eight count body builders
1 min. shoulder press (with 8 lb. weights)
2 min. woodchoppers with medicine ball (1 min each side with 8 or 10 lb. med ball)
3 min. bridge work (pelvic thrust 1 min each side, 1 min in the middle)
2 min. cool down (cobra stretch and side leg stretches with cool down lunge stretch).

That is it! This is just one of many different variations of exercises that, combined, can make an extremely effective strength workout. We all know other exercises to substitute if we don’t have med. balls or weights accessible. It really only takes two or three 15- to 20-minute strength-training sessions a week to build more muscle mass. Shouldn’t we be doing more? If we can, sure, but even this type of workout just a few days a week will go a long way to tone us up and trim us down.

What are your favorite quick and dirty exercises to build strength and lean muscle?

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