New Lily

Me and the Energizer Bunny

BUNNYThe Energizer Bunny is alive and well…! Actually, I’m not sure where the credit is really due, to the battery… or to our Lifecycle stationary bike.  We’ve owned this Lifecycle since 1992, when my husband bought it for me before #2 (Mary Kate), was born.  It has moved with us from Bloomington, IN to St. Louis, MO, to Indianapolis, IN and finally to Charlotte, NC.  Along the way, the bike has been a loyal friend to me. Especially during my pregnancies and postpartum months (years, to be more accurate).

As I got increasingly larger during pregnancies, and it was harder to run, I would ride the bike.  When it was raining or snowing and I couldn’t get out, I would ride the bike.  When I was sidelined by injury, I could usually still ride my bike.  And sometimes, when I just wanted to read and not think about exercise, I rode the bike.  We don’t have an exercise room, so the Lifecycle has always graced our bedroom or closet (large closet). [Read more…]