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Who says you have to workout to get a workout?

lawn mowerSo much for best laid plans! When the alarm sounded off in my ear this morning, there was no way I was getting out of bed. Even a second blaring of the alarm 10 minutes later was not going to arouse me. When I set the alarm last night, it was 10 pm. That was right before Thomas, my 16 year old, asked for help with the second paragraph of the paper he was struggling to write. About two hours later I emerged from the bonus room (he was still furiously writing), only to remember the email I needed to send before I went to sleep. At about 12:45, I finally fell into bed. It was a few minutes later when I heard the alarm in my ear. Actually it was really four hours later…but it felt like four minutes. That’s when I made the decision that I would not be working out today.

However, I am happy to say that I did fit in a workout, just not the conventional kind. I mowed the yard, and it took me one hour and 20 minutes. And no, I wasn’t sitting on a riding mower! While my youngest was napping and John (7) and C.C. (5) played outside in the gorgeous spring weather, I mowed our one-acre lot. When I finished, I was hot and sweaty, and desperate for a glass of water and a cold shower!. I’ve decided mowing the lawn is like doing cardio and strength at the same time. Only this way, I got the yard done too!
What are some other ideas for a non-conventional way to fit in a “workout”?

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