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An Insane Workout!

kickboxing I did the Insanity DVD (from workout this morning with my sister, Susan, at the gym. Some of the gym members meet at 6 a.m. every morning to do a P90X or Insanity workout. I have done P90X at home, but Insanity? I just don’t think I would do this kind of thing at home. Not because of the format, but because of the kind of workout it is. Imagine a calisthenics class with a boot camp instructor yelling and motivating you in a school gym with a bunch of VERY fit people alongside him, looking way too happy…!

Susan and I have done the Insanity workout with this group three times, and each time we have been the only women. At first we felt a little like we were invading a men’s club, but they have actually been very welcoming and encouraging. I still haven’t decided if I really like the Insanity workout (probably because I’m not very good at it), but it is certainly a way for me to mix things up. While P90X is heavy on weights (pull-ups, yoga, and core as well), Insanity is more aerobic and uses body strength as opposed to weights. A lot of people like doing this kind of thing in the privacy of their own home. I guess I need some camaraderie for this insane of a workout.! According to the Wall Street Journal, other people, even those working on Capitol Hill, prefer group workouts as well. (Here is a link to a recent WSJ article).
If you have tried Insanity, do you like it? How about P90X? Do you do the workouts at home, or somewhere else with a group?

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