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The Eight-Count Body Builder

I had a question while I was out of town last week asking how to do an eight-count body builder. So today I will share how it is done. For those who have done this exercise, I think most will agree it isn’t as easy as it looks. The movement itself isn’t hard, it is just putting it together with steady repetitions for about two minutes that gets your heart rate up there! This exercise is great for combining cardio and strength, which is why I included it in my post yesterday on a full-body workout. It is also why physical therapist Alan Tyson likes to use it with elite athletes! Here is how to do an eight count body builder:

Start from a standing position.
1 Immediately bring your hands down to the ground so that you are in a squat position with hands in front of you.

2 Extend your legs out and backward behind you. You are now in a push up position.

3 Using a scissor-like motion, kick your legs apart.

4 Bring your legs back together into the basic push-up position.

5 Keep your body straight and in alignment as you execute the downward portion of a push-up. Rest your body weight in your hands and arms while doing this movement.

6 Execute the upward portion of the push-up.

7 Move your legs back up to your chest.

8 Jump up (actually into the air…try getting six inches of air). This returns you to the 8-count body builder starting position.

Do repetitions (set timer for two minutes). Maintain a quick pace in executing the movements in the 8-county body builder.
Inhale and exhale evenly throughout this exercise.

Try it! Do you like it? Is there another exercise you like to do that combines strength and cardio in one?

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