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Day Five at Lovejoy Pond…A Picture Perfect Day

Hi, I am # 6 (Gracie) and I am writing today’s post about our adventures in good, clean fun at Lovejoy Pond in Maine.  Instead of telling you about our day, I will show it to you with photos since I think it was a picture perfect day!

While Peter and his dad went for a run, my mom and Annie (and Sammy kind of) did P90X Yoga to start the day…









10:00 a.m.  While my mom and the kids paddled across the lake in canoes and kayaks, I swam across.  It was cold at first, but then I got used to it…it took me 22 minutes and 32 seconds!

Heres me about to swim across the lake.









12:00 am We enjoy a great lunch by the lake!!

Peter is enjoying the lunch that Annie made for us!! YUM!! Thanks Annie!










12:30 Everyones favorite thing to do out on the lake…… The high dive!!!!!

Come on John! Its not that high!!!!!









Peter mastered his backflip! While I got my swan dive and John and Annie got the dive down! C.C. loves to jump off it too!











Here is my mom on the stand up paddle board…I tried it too…it’s a lot of fun.

It was a definite core work out!!!












And as the sun went down we enjoyed the sights of Lovejoy Pond!






















Day Five at Lovejoy Pond over and done…

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