New Lily

Hills…We Hate Them, But We Love Them…Here’s Why we Need Them!

Running hills on our recent trip to Maine was unavoidable….but now I see their value. I’m even wishing I had a fall marathon to run!

Having just returned from nine days in Maine, I was elated this morning as I began a run with my sister, Susan… 9.5 miles of gloriously flat terrain. During the trip I had actually come to dread the start of each run because it was always a whopper of a hill.  Actually, with the exception of a four mile run that was an out and back course, there was no way to avoid the hills in Maine.  Truth be told, and dreading aside, I found myself a stronger runner at the end of the trip.  In fact, I am disappointed that I am not in training for a fall marathon this year because I believe the last few weeks in hilly Maine would have been an outstanding base for a marathon PR. [Read more…]

My Marathon Training…Long Run Down

I’m one of those weird people who loves a good “run” story. Give it to me play by play and I won’t be the slightest bit bored. Ok, that’s not totally true….maybe a little bored, especially if you start at mile one and I know you went 18…then I might get a little nervous. But I can relate to the really bad runs and also the really good ones, and it’s great to know I’m not alone in the “runner’s analysis” that tends to happen after both. On Saturday I had a really good run, and so I’m going to gloat a little…mostly because they have been so lacking in my marathon training up to this point.
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For My Marathon Training…it’s Quality over Quantity

runnerI love to run. If my body would keep in step with my desire, I would run, and run, and run. But at 44 years old, my body is not too excited about keeping in step, and instead is saying, “yeah, right”! So instead I adhere to my husband’s philosophy, which is “stick with your own reality”. My reality, in terms of marathon training, is quality over quantity. [Read more…]