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If You had to Choose Between Running Hot…or Running Cold, What Would it Be?


#5 (Annie) and me running after a snowfall. By the way, she would choose a cold day, too!

Living in the south, I don’t get too many opportunities to run in the snow.  However, on Saturday, we got about four inches in Charlotte, NC, and the next day I was definately out in it.  There is something magical about running in the snow.  I would even prefer to be in the white stuff as it is falling, but on Sunday we got to run in the day-after snow. The sky was a brilliant Carolina blue, making for an amazing contrast against the white covered trees, and although the air was a frigid 24…I was in heaven.

If I had to choose between 24 degrees and 84 degrees for a running temperature, I would choose the colder one every time.  Most of my running friends (except the two Susans) would choose the warmer temperature.  I am from Chicago and grew up with chilly, snowy winters, however I am not sure it matters where we are from when it comes to the weather we prefer.  My husband, for instance, also grew up in Chicago, and he hates the cold weather for running.  My longtime running friend, Karrie, is from Michigan, and even went to college there.  However, she would no doubt choose the 84-degree day over a cold, snowy run.  I have another friend who spent some years living and running in Florida, and she wouldn’t think of running in anything under about 40 degrees. What about you?  If you had to choose between HOT and COLD, what would it be?

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