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Recap of the Last Few Days at Lovejoy Pond…Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

I liked Gracie’s idea of posting with pictures and since we are off to Boothbay (the coast of Maine) this afternoon…it’s the quickest way to do it!  We only have one full day left at Lovejoy Pond and we are trying to fit in as much as we can.  The weather has been gorgeous here these last few days and we have taken advantage of all there is to do. …

On the rod that Charlie made for him, Sam caught his first fish!!!

Gracie and Annie love to spend hours on the paddle board!!!!!!!


The gang waits for C.C. to jump off the high dive!!!!!


While the boys are out fishing, Gracie and C.C. built a sand castle!!!


Peter and Charlie after a successful day of fishing…from boat to table in one and half hours!!!


Amazing…there was still some left over!


Just like every other night in Maine…Sam doesn’t make it till bedtime before crashing on the couch. Another day at Lovejoy Pond over and done….



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