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One Good Reason NOT to Lose Those Last 5 Pounds

“I just want to lose those last 5 pounds!”  That is a common thing to hear from many…but I read a recent article revealing one good reason not to worry about those last five.  As a super model and one who has adhered to a consistent workout regimen for over 25 years, Cindy Crawford knows a thing or two about trying to look her best.   In an interview for SHAPE magazine, Crawford explained that losing and gaining even just five pounds can have a negative impact on the skin on our face, resulting in saggy, older looking skin.  As we age we do not retain the supple skin tone of our younger years, regardless of what we do to prevent it, but most of us do our best to prevent it in some way. However, Crawford explained that fluctuations in weight can take a toll on both our metabolism and our face.  “You lose elasticity because your skin stretches, then it goes back to normal…and then stretches (even a little) again…and it causes sagging”.  Crawford said, “I always remind myself that losing those last five pounds just isn’t worth it”!  When we lose weight, our faces can look less full.  While we may think this would be a good thing, it can have negative effects such as a saggy and drawn-out look.  I wholeheartedly concur… one reason not to worry about those last five pounds…!

Exercises to Prevent Pelvic Organ Prolapse


We can’t ignore the pelvic floor!

As I approach the second half of my forties, I realize that in order to stay fit and to continue to do the exercises, workouts, and other physical activities I like to do, I need to be proactive about strengthening my pelvic floor muscles.  I have talked about this before at 9 Kid Fitness, and I will continue to look for up-to-date information about the pelvic floor because I know just how crucial it is for women to be well informed.  The following is an interesting article from 9 Kid Fitness follower, Elizabeth Carrollton, who talks about some of the preventative measures women can take before having to do more invasive procedures such as surgery, etc. Elizabeth also writes about defective medical devices and dangerous drugs for

Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP) often can be prevented with proper exercises. In fact, many of the exercises d to prevent the condition can also be used to treat mild to moderate cases of POP. Surgical intervention has become a common treatment for moderate to severe symptoms of POP. This is unfortunate because surgery is an invasive procedure that has inherent risks. In fact, one of the most common types of surgery used to treat pelvic organ prolapse uses a high-risk medical device called transvaginal mesh, which has been linked to severe health complications in as many as 10 percent of surgeries. [Read more…]

Part 3 of 4: Comparing Some Trends in Fitness: Pure Barre!

Seat work at a Pure Barre class. Believe me, it's harder than it looks!

For the third part in my series on trends in fitness, I take a look at Pure Barre for a totally different kind of workout.  I first tried Pure Barre about a year ago and immediately knew it was not like just another group exercise class.  I can’t really say I enjoyed it (until later).  Actually, that first class was like an introduction to a foreign language…all I could really do was observe and attempt to imitate the instructor’s moves…they were unlike any kind of fitness exercises I had ever done.  Although I would never describe myself as a graceful person,  I have always been intrigued by dancers…the way they carry themselves with poise,  and the way their posture seems to reveal a kind of femininity and grace. Maybe that is what drew me to Pure Barre…I was hoping to get some of that poise and grace!!! [Read more…]

Don’t Fall for “Long, Lean Muscle Myth”

Okay, I will admit it, I have recently fallen prey to wishful thinking. It can easily happen in the fitness world, though, so I can’t feel too bad about it. Has anyone else fallen prey to the idea that a certain exercise will give us “long lean muscles”? It’s a concept that we hear often lately (in group exercise classes, etc.), but is it a valid concept? Given what we know about our muscles (we all have short and long ones) the idea that our muscles will become “longer” or even “leaner” doesn’t hold any real weight…so don’t be fooled!

Most women tell me they would like to have more tone to their muscles, but not more bulk. Body builders aside, many women lift weights or do weight bearing exercise using their own body weight so that they can have a leaner look, not a bigger or more bulky one. Yet the idea that exercise alone can achieve this look, is not really accurate. Actually it is a combination of diet and exercise together that can give someone that lean look. So when we hear fitness instructors tell us that if we do this or that type of exercise we will have long lean muscles, we can enlighten them by explaining that we are not ever going to lengthen a muscle. I came across a great article that clearly explains why is is true. It is a must read if you want to understand not only how muscles play a role in how we look, but also how body type is important as well! E article can be found at

Five Blogs I Have Recently Enjoyed

It's Friday!

It’s Friday and I am posting links to five websites I have recently read and enjoyed. Do you have any others you want to share?

1. Run Blogger. This site is about all things running and since the author has a degree in anatomy, it also has some great information about the benefits of running and a fitness lifestyle. He also writes a lot about gear, especially running shoes and most recently wrote a post about the minimalist shoe movement in running. Interesting stuff…check it out! [Read more…]

Rule of 70 Part II (Nutrition trumps Exercise)

I have written about the Rule of 70 (70% of weight loss comes from what we eat, 30% comes from exercise)  on this website before, and so when I recently came across an article saying something similar, I was intrigued and decided to dig in a little more. I believe that cutting calories through dietary changes is a more efficient way to lose weight than exercise.  This is really only important if weight loss is your goal (it isn’t mine – although weight maintenance is). [Read more…]

An Improved Kegel Exercise

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to do more Kegels. I have never liked to do these exercises and I figured it was because I couldn’t really see the results. But I came across an article by physical therapist Tasha Mulligan, who explained another reason many women don’t like to do Kegels. She also gives us a tip on how to do them better. Hopefully others can benefit from reading this article as well! You can also check out Tasha’s excellent “Hab It” Blog!

By Tasha Mulligan
So many women have been told to “do your Kegels.” They may do hundreds each day with no results. Talk about frustration! What they need to recognize is the importance and key role of their transversus abdominus (TA) muscle in relieving symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction (including both prolapse and incontinence). This isn’t so much the fault of the women receiving the message but, rather, the fault of the health care provider giving this incomplete instruction. [Read more…]

Looking Back on 9 Kid Fitness in 2011

Finishing up our first year at 9 Kid Fitness, I want to thank all of you who have visited our site, contributed with comments, and just checked in with us via Facebook and Twitter. Launching last March, my hope was to engage with others who are trying to make fitness a priority in their very busy lives. Thank you for being a part of the 9 Kid Fitness community, and I hope that we will continue to find support and encouragement from each other in 2012! Today I would like to look back over the last year and highlight nine of the most visited posts at 9 Kid Fitness:

1. Me vs. Victoria’s Secret I take on the image of women that Vicoria’s Secret portrays in their holiday commercials (among other things).

2. When I Run I Feel His Pleasure Many of us Feel God’s presence when we run, and in this post I talk about how it felt for me. [Read more…]

Can Coffee Aggravate Incontinence?

According to My Optimum, more than 13 million people in the United States — male and female, young and old — experience incontinence. Women experience incontinence twice as often as men. Pregnancy and childbirth, menopause, and the structure of the female urinary tract account for this difference. While sometimes surgery or other procedures might be required to treat this issue, oftentimes a first step (besides pelvic floor exercises) is our nutrition.  To quickly review the most common types of incontinence, the following is a brief recap: [Read more…]

9 Kid Fridays

Jen’s Runnings and Ramblings…life of an inconsistent runner….

Kettlebell Moms

Marine Corps Marathon

Running After Baby

Prime Fitness for Women

These are some blogs/websites I follow on twitter and that I think are interesting and fun to read! I had to include the Marine Corps Marathon site since I visit almost everyday for info on hotel, parking, etc. They have some inspirational stories of marines, soldiers, and sailors and their families who are involved with the marathon in some way. My family is running in a 5K race in Charlotte tomorrow…the Big South 5K! What are you doing? Have a great Friday and a super kid-fit weekend!