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Looking Back on 9 Kid Fitness in 2011

Finishing up our first year at 9 Kid Fitness, I want to thank all of you who have visited our site, contributed with comments, and just checked in with us via Facebook and Twitter. Launching last March, my hope was to engage with others who are trying to make fitness a priority in their very busy lives. Thank you for being a part of the 9 Kid Fitness community, and I hope that we will continue to find support and encouragement from each other in 2012! Today I would like to look back over the last year and highlight nine of the most visited posts at 9 Kid Fitness:

1. Me vs. Victoria’s Secret I take on the image of women that Vicoria’s Secret portrays in their holiday commercials (among other things).

2. When I Run I Feel His Pleasure Many of us Feel God’s presence when we run, and in this post I talk about how it felt for me.

3. Ladies Beware of Crunches Many of us are not aware that sit-ups can be detrimental to pelvic floor health. Physical therapist Barbara Green explains why.

4. 9 Foolish Reasons I Never Did Yoga, and 9 Reasons I am Going to Start Yoga is new to me this year. The power yoga classes (and P90X Yoga) have helped me to see this discipline in a new light. I have to confess that I haven’t been as “disciplined” about doing it as I had hoped when I wrote this post.

5. Healthy Fats and Chocolate Avocado Pudding   Nutritionist Kathleen Cole offers a terrific recipe and explains why certain fats are good!

6.The Wonderful Realness of Motherhood My Mother’s Day 2011 reflections.

7. The Rule of 70 Most of weight loss is directly related to what we are eating. Exercise is important, but actually it’s our diet that makes the biggest difference.

8. Five Reasons Exercise Makes Me a Better Mom I have said before that exercise is my secret weapon…and it definitely helps me in my parenting…

9. Vanity of Vanities, and All the World is Vanity Lets face it, a lot of why we workout is to look better. In this post I look at how to be honest with ourselves and balance the vanity with the positive benefits of exercise.

Thanks again for reading! Please share with me via Facebook what subjects you would like to see discussed in 2012!

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