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Me vs. Victoria’s Secret

Shame on us America. We have allowed Victoria’s Secret to dictate what is an attractive image of women. This occurred to me the other night when a commercial (for the Victoria’s Secret 2011 Holiday clothing line) came on at about 9:30 pm. (a time when many teenagers are watching TV). We are so inundated with sexual images that most of us don’t even recognize them immediately. When this ad began, it took me a second or two before I fully opened my eyes to what I was seeing. But when I came to my senses, I watched the end of the “holiday” commercial and was disgusted by the barely-clad women slinking around in lingerie saying, “Tell me you love me“, “Delight me” in an obviously sexually-intended manner. Why is this on prime time?! [Read more…]

Looking Back on 9 Kid Fitness in 2011

Finishing up our first year at 9 Kid Fitness, I want to thank all of you who have visited our site, contributed with comments, and just checked in with us via Facebook and Twitter. Launching last March, my hope was to engage with others who are trying to make fitness a priority in their very busy lives. Thank you for being a part of the 9 Kid Fitness community, and I hope that we will continue to find support and encouragement from each other in 2012! Today I would like to look back over the last year and highlight nine of the most visited posts at 9 Kid Fitness:

1. Me vs. Victoria’s Secret I take on the image of women that Vicoria’s Secret portrays in their holiday commercials (among other things).

2. When I Run I Feel His Pleasure Many of us Feel God’s presence when we run, and in this post I talk about how it felt for me. [Read more…]