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Five Blogs I Have Recently Enjoyed

It's Friday!

It’s Friday and I am posting links to five websites I have recently read and enjoyed. Do you have any others you want to share?

1. Run Blogger. This site is about all things running and since the author has a degree in anatomy, it also has some great information about the benefits of running and a fitness lifestyle. He also writes a lot about gear, especially running shoes and most recently wrote a post about the minimalist shoe movement in running. Interesting stuff…check it out!

2. Running Diva Mom. The “about me” section reads: Running Diva Mom –
I’m a single mommy of two that started running in 2005. It has become my “me time” and makes me a better mommy. I want to prove to other mommies that you, too, can carve out a little time for yourself each day. Thanks for following Little Diva, Little Dude and I on our fabulous journey!
Check out her blog!

3. The Great Fitness Experiment. The author of this site has tried a variety of types of exercise and fitness (the trendy and the not-so trendy) and she gives her readers an analysis of her experiences. She is funny, too…which always helps!!

4. The Workout Mommy. Like 9 Kid Fitness, this mom of four boys says her goal for her website is to provide motivation, inspiration, and ideas on how to fit in exercise, fitness, and health in a busy  day. After all, she says, “a fit mommy is a happy mommy” …I would have to agree.

5. Ingredients, Inc. Alison Lewis, author of this site, is a nationally known Culinary Nutritionist, Cookbook Author, Recipe Developer, Magazine and Internet Journalist, Food, Travel, Fitness, and Lifestyle Journalist & Blogger, Health/Nutrition, Wellness and Event Speaker, Television and Social Media Food Spokesperson, Food Photographer/Stylist and President of Ingredients, Inc., a Food Media Consulting company in Birmingham, Alabama. Although she writes about food, fitness is also a consistent subject on her extremely well-done site…check it out for yourself!

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