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One Good Reason NOT to Lose Those Last 5 Pounds

“I just want to lose those last 5 pounds!”  That is a common thing to hear from many…but I read a recent article revealing one good reason not to worry about those last five.  As a super model and one who has adhered to a consistent workout regimen for over 25 years, Cindy Crawford knows a thing or two about trying to look her best.   In an interview for SHAPE magazine, Crawford explained that losing and gaining even just five pounds can have a negative impact on the skin on our face, resulting in saggy, older looking skin.  As we age we do not retain the supple skin tone of our younger years, regardless of what we do to prevent it, but most of us do our best to prevent it in some way. However, Crawford explained that fluctuations in weight can take a toll on both our metabolism and our face.  “You lose elasticity because your skin stretches, then it goes back to normal…and then stretches (even a little) again…and it causes sagging”.  Crawford said, “I always remind myself that losing those last five pounds just isn’t worth it”!  When we lose weight, our faces can look less full.  While we may think this would be a good thing, it can have negative effects such as a saggy and drawn-out look.  I wholeheartedly concur… one reason not to worry about those last five pounds…!

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