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A Go-To Workout When You’re Pressed for Time

Be careful of your form...If you feel it waning, lessen reps.  Better to do less with good form.

Be careful of your form…If you feel it waning, lessen reps. Better to do less with good form. This is me about to start routine.

Looking for a solid workout but you’re pressed for time?  This is my favorite (Cross Fit original).  Sometimes Ill do it right after a run, and sometimes just as a stand alone when time is short.  Try it…you’ll be hooked!  5 push ups/ 25 squats, 10 push ups/ 20 squats, 15 push ups/ 15 squats, 20 push ups/ 10 squats, 25 push ups/ 5 squats!  LOVE IT!!!!  For a greater challenge if you have more time…Do it again! What’s your favorite quickie workout!

Quote of the Week: By Failing to Prepare, You Are Preparing to Fail

runningBy failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail…Benjamin Franklin
I’ve got the marathon on my mind. I guess I would much rather think about it than start training for it! I signed up for the Marine Corps Marathon after enjoying it so much last year. It isn’t until the end of October, and so it is too early to start any serious training yet. However, since I am not a big planner, marathon training always presents a challenge for me. I have friends who love training for marathons. They say having a goal helps them become structured about their running and keeps them focused on the prize. Maybe it’s because I’ve started and then had to stop training for marathons a number of times that I tend to be a little hesitant about planning too far out. Whether it was a pregnancy, an injury, or just life that got in the way, for many years the marathon seemed elusive. In fact, last year’s Marine Corps Marathon was my first marathon in ten years! [Read more…]

Running for Life!

runnerEven before I became a runner, running was a part of my family’s life.  I can remember early Sunday mornings when my dad would return home from his weekend 12-mile run.  My sisters’ and I would greet him with a tall glass of iced tea. We would stand back and wait for him to finish the glass in one gulp, and then give us the “Lipton Iced Tea, ‘Ahhhhhh!'”  To me, that “Ah” was the reward for hard work.

When I think about all the years of running I’ve logged, I realize there have been different seasons in my life that have allowed for various levels of effort. Through it all, though, there has been a certain satisfaction that is the natural result of hard work.  After I got married and we had our first two children, I enjoyed racing and pushing myself. I had the benefit of youth on my side (although I know I didn’t truly appreciate it then), and could run a lot of miles pushing a baby jogger. Running mostly 10Ks, I was able to train hard and I even squeezed out a sub 40-minute 10K for a personal best. I would often meet a friend of mine, Greg, at a track near the hospital where he worked, to do interval training. I recall one workout he named “Zeus” after doing it with a man that was more like a Greek god than a human!  Those days I could manage tough workouts without feeling totally zapped of my energy the rest of the day. [Read more…]

Strength Training

woman lifting I used to really hate strength training! Or more accurately, I hated what I thought was strength training. I could do a cardio workout all day long (not really, just saying) but a weight workout…that was torture! Now, I’ve come to enjoy strength training, and I’ve broadened my understanding of what “strength” means. Part of the problem was that to me, the word strength meant primarily weights. I wasn’t interested in becoming bulky, and lifting weights was burdensome, so it seemed impractical to me.  At the end of a run or after a swim workout, I would try to fit in a few upper and lower body weights to “tone” up and to gain some strength, mostly to avoid injury. But one day, I tagged along with one of my kids to a personal trainer (we had given her some sessions and the trainer let me come for free)  I was amazed at the intensity of the hour long workout, especially at how my heart rate increased and stayed fairly high throughout. The idea that strength and cardio could be done at the same time was a new concept for me.  Still, a personal trainer is expensive and took a lot of time.  For me it wasn’t realistic. [Read more…]