New Lily

Easter Is a Wonderful Chance to Try a “New Program”



This is a day of joy.  It represents new life.  New beginnings.  Second chances.  As a Christian, this day is THE day.  It trumps all others.  We celebrate Christ’s incredible gift to each one of us. I sat in church this morning keenly aware of how, though undeserving, I am grateful for the opportunity to start anew.  Glad to toss the “old self”, I feel excitement at the prospect of a new one.  This is true for all of me, not just the spiritual part. As a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend.  In all aspects of my life I could use a second chance.  Can’t we all? [Read more…]

I Got a Treadmill for Christmas!

My husband gave me a  treadmill for Christmas!  After talking to my kids about a “light” Christmas this year due to the economy, etc., I came home on the 23rd to a treadmill gracing our bedroom with a large red bow on top! So much for the light Christmas!  I have never owned a treadmill, and frankly, rarely run on one before.  I have had my “tried and true” Lifecycle for twenty years, and never really thought about owning a treadmill.  So it is a bit of a paradigm shift as I consider when I will use this new machine (my husband is still waiting for me to go for a run on it since he and the boys painstakingly got it up the stairs five days ago). Actually, as  a mom of nine, I certainly can think of multiple reasons to have a treadmill, the number one reason being convenience. [Read more…]