New Lily

Awesome Winter Cannellini Soup

YUM!  And cozy to boot...

YUM! And cozy to boot…

I love white beans so I knew this soup was going to be delicious as soon as I saw this recipe.  December is a wonderful month for getting warm and cozy – this soup will help with both! (Compliments BBC’s GoodFood)

Winter Cannellini Bean Soup [Read more…]

An Update on My Vitamix

Yes, it’s worth it’s weight in gold. That’s what I can say at this point about my new Vitamix. When I first got it, I was all about the green smoothie. I kept tweaking it until I mastered it in taste and ingredients (at least my taste…my husband still isn’t a fan of the wheatgrass component). But I can now admit to be a true Vitamix cheerleader because I’ve finally gone beyond blending fruits and veggies for a smoothie or shake. Yesterday I made minestrone soup and apple cobbler with the machine…and both were delicious, and the best part…totally fresh! [Read more…]