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Cancer: One Year Later…

Graduation 2013

Graduation 2012

We are very grateful.  One year ago today, my husband James finished chemotherapy and radiation for Stage IV head and neck cancer. The treatment was brutal. Essentially, 7.5 weeks of radiation and the mouth and throat don’t mix. Last Friday, my husband had his PET scan to determine if there were any active cancer cells. Thanks be to God, his scans were clear.  As of right now, he continues to be in remission. We are all so very thankful.

What a long year it has been.  There were very few surprises for us regarding the treatments. The doctors were very honest and upfront with James about what was going to happen. There was no effort to sugarcoat anything.  They told him when things were going to get bad, when they were going to get really bad, and when they were going to approach the unbearable. Unfortunately, their predictions were very accurate. [Read more…]

Running, New Perspectives, and Hope Overwhelming…

Yesterday’s Carolina blue sky was full of hope…

I stumbled onto a new run yesterday morning. Coming out of Levine Children’s Hospital, going down some cement stairs, crossing a creek bed, I found myself on the Sugar Creek Parkway (or the canal run) and took it for about half a mile into downtown Charlotte.  I turned around at that point and ran for another two miles to Freedom Park, passing dozens of other runners, walkers, and bikers. Then, after running  in the park for a few minutes, I turned around for the run back to the hospital.

I had been down at Levine’s Children’s Hospital for three days with our daughter (#6) Grace who at 7 am last Friday had a cyst removed from her face (next to her right ear).  We will find out exactly what the cyst was this week although we are fairly certain it was just one of those benign masses that form for odd reasons.  The surgery was more involved, however, than we had predicted.  She has two incisions because they had to “borrow” some belly fat to replace the skin that was removed from her face.  Grace has been a trooper and has literally not complained about anything (even pain) since we arrived at 4:45 am on Friday. [Read more…]