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How to Be Your Own Cheerleader

Motivation is relative.. .You can ask me about fitness, but please don’t ask me about organization!

I often get asked  how it is that I remain motivated to stay in shape.  Frankly I am always a little confused on how to answer this question because I think it is relative.  I am highly motivated when it comes to exercise…but that is mostly because I actually like to exercise!  It really isn’t a chore for me to workout…I not only  enjoy the results of doing it, I really love doing it!  I realize that this is not true for everyone.  For some people, working out is a chore, it’s a real effort, and it can be very tedious.  I understand these feelings however, because while that is not at all how I feel in regards to fitness, I totally relate to feeling that way about many other things.  For instance, getting organized  is a chore for me. Trying to get my schedule in order or even all the things in my house in order is a monumental effort.  Other people I know thrive on organization.  They are whizzes with a calendar, never forget a birthday, and have all their cabinets categorized.  While staying organized is fun for them (maybe because they are good at it), for me it is forever frustrating!

When I saw this (SPARKPEOPLE) article, I realized it contained some good tips for those who do struggle with motivation to stay in shape. It offers suggestions for relying on ourselves rather than on other people (or things) for motivation to exercise (you can find the article here : How To Be Your Own Cheerleader).  Now, if any of you come across a good article about how to get motivated to be more organized…. please send it to me! And a happy belated birthday to all!





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