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Two Quick Workouts for the Last Few Days Before Christmas

It’s catch as catch can right now.  During the last few weeks, if I don’t get a workout in before 7’s hasn’t happened.  But I am tired and the sound of the alarm at 5:45 lately has not been nearly  persuasive enough….  So I am looking at a quick workout today to fit in before 5 pm…and I am guessing the next few days will be the same.

The following are a few quick and dirty workouts that take no more than 20 minutes but work the whole body. 8-10lb. weights are needed, but other than that no equipment is necessary. The first workout is my own go-to plan which I’ve been doing for a while and which I have always found effective.  The others are 10 minute workouts from


Workout #1

Warm up with knee lifts, front arm circles, back arm circles,  jogging in place

25 Squats

90 sec. plank

30 lunges (walking or in place)

30 push ups…10 slow, 10 fast, 10 slow

10 8-count body builders

1 min. mountain climbers

with 10 lb. weights…

Bicep curls, tricep curls, shoulder lifts

1 min. mountain climbers

10 8-count body builders

30 push ups…10 slow, 10 fast, 10 slow

30 lunges

90 sec. plank

25 squats

Workout #2

These are great for when you are really pressed for time but want some strength work for the day… Oprah’s 10 minute workouts

What is your favorite go-to quick and dirty fitness routine?







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