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The Ill-Effects of Soda

sodaOkay, first off, I am drinking a Coke Zero as I write this. With that off my chest, I read an article at a doctor’s office recently about small nutritional changes that can make big differences in the way we feel. One of the suggestions in the article was to stop drinking all soft drinks (diet or regular). This might seem like a small change to some people, but to others it is no small thing!

Coffee is my real vice, but I still drink more diet soda than I should. It’s the carbonation thing; the fizz is what I’m attracted to! I started to pay attention to this after my son gave a talk on the ill-effects of soft drinks for a speech class. Here are some of the fascinating things (frightening is probably the better word) he found out:

Soda contains high levels of acid, the same amount as vinegar.
Soda may contribute to osteoporosis.
Soda can cause loss of tooth enamel.
Soda can slowly damage white blood cells.
Regular soda contains extremely high amounts of sugar, of which we all know the effects.
Diet soda might even be worse because every time you ingest aspartame, methanol is deposited into your bloodstream.
The carcinogenic effects of diet soda, some say, can even damage organs, especially the female reproductive organs.

Enough said?
While I don’t drink it everyday, my new found knowledge is telling me I need a good alternative to the soft drink. Any suggestions? Please don’t say water

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