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9 Kid Fitness on WBT Radio!

WBT Radio Show9 Kid Fitness was featured on WBT Radio’s “Health Headlines” show on Sunday, March 13, 2011! Listen to the 8-10 minute segment to hear Whitney (that’s me) interviewed by the “Bod Squad” (Stacy Simms, Alan Tyson, and Dr. Russ Greenfield).
The weekly Sunday radio show with the Bod Squad features important health issues and trends that affect families.
During the interview we discuss the 9 Kid Fitness website, pelvic floor issues, and ways that busy moms can stay fit. Click on the link below and go to the 3/13 radio show. The segment begins at the 10:00 mark. Thanks for listening, and let me know what you think!
9 Kid Fitness on WBT Radio

Strength Training

woman lifting I used to really hate strength training! Or more accurately, I hated what I thought was strength training. I could do a cardio workout all day long (not really, just saying) but a weight workout…that was torture! Now, I’ve come to enjoy strength training, and I’ve broadened my understanding of what “strength” means. Part of the problem was that to me, the word strength meant primarily weights. I wasn’t interested in becoming bulky, and lifting weights was burdensome, so it seemed impractical to me.  At the end of a run or after a swim workout, I would try to fit in a few upper and lower body weights to “tone” up and to gain some strength, mostly to avoid injury. But one day, I tagged along with one of my kids to a personal trainer (we had given her some sessions and the trainer let me come for free)  I was amazed at the intensity of the hour long workout, especially at how my heart rate increased and stayed fairly high throughout. The idea that strength and cardio could be done at the same time was a new concept for me.  Still, a personal trainer is expensive and took a lot of time.  For me it wasn’t realistic. [Read more…]

One Minute Exercises

clock“I can do anything for one minute!” This is my motto for working out at home. It’s hard to stay motivated when I’m not at a gym with an instructor or when there are no other people sweating and working out around me. At home, it’s only me. So I need ways to stay enthusiastic and engaged. I have found that short, intense exercises that take strength and focus help me to do that. Hence, the “one minute” motto! Using a little timer set to run back from one minute, I press start and know that, however difficult the exercise is, I only have to do it for 60 seconds. [Read more…]