New Lily

9 Kid Weekend…No Time For Exercise Today

soccerSometimes we just can’t fit it all in! When I woke up to my seven year-old asking about breakfast at 6:30 a.m., I glanced at my phone. Three text messages. Both of our highschool boys had stayed the night at friends. One message was from my 15 year-old asking if we could get him to to his morning practice. Another message was from our 17 year-old who was just checking in with us to tell us he was on his way to his morning swim practice (seems like we should have coordinated that better). The other message was from our 21 year-old son at the US Naval Academy. He was supposed to do a PST(I think that stands for physical standard test which I think consists of maximum push-ups, maximum pull-ups, maximum sit-ups, a 500 yard swim in camouflage, and a mile and a half run). His message had come in at 3:45 a.m., because he had been sick all night and was wondering if it could be food poisoning. He later sent a message saying he was sure it was the full blown stomach flu.

After sending him a quick message of encouragement, I got up to start the day, which would include three soccer games, three swim practices, possibly a nephew’s basketball game, and a combined birthday party for two of our daughters in our backyard (12 girls for pizza and ice cream)! Although I would like nothing else than to escape on a VERY long run or lose myself in a spin class, it looks like the only exercise I will be getting today is walking from the parking lot to the soccer game and fielding some birthday games in the yard. [Read more…]

Nine Kid Laundry

laundryI overheard some kids the other day while I was in line at Walmart. They were asking each other, “Would you rather die in a fire or freeze to death?”, and “Would you rather drown or fall off a cliff?”. I thought about turning around and asking, “How about death by laundry”? But I quickly realized that they would have no way to relate to that!
I’ve occasionally wondered if one day I might be found under a big pile of dirty clothes in my laundry room. Certainly no one could say, “At least she died doing something she loved!” [Read more…]