New Lily

Nine Kid Laundry

laundryI overheard some kids the other day while I was in line at Walmart. They were asking each other, “Would you rather die in a fire or freeze to death?”, and “Would you rather drown or fall off a cliff?”. I thought about turning around and asking, “How about death by laundry”? But I quickly realized that they would have no way to relate to that!
I’ve occasionally wondered if one day I might be found under a big pile of dirty clothes in my laundry room. Certainly no one could say, “At least she died doing something she loved!”
Seriously, the subject of laundry is no laughing matter. It takes up a good deal of my time, and so I am always searching for better methods. All of my kids take part of laundry at our house. Some do their own, but most have to at least fold it and put it away. However, even with help from the kids, laundry is still an overwhelming job. At any given time in my house, about ten laundry baskets can be found! A proactive approach to laundry is certainly better than the reactive version, for sure. I am currently seeking advice on how other busy moms do laundry!!

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