New Lily

Where Do you Fall on the Running Fashion Spectrum?

Athleta is one of the popular brands for fashionable, comfortable running clothes.

The other day I pulled up to meet my friend Susan for an early morning run at the trail not far from where we live. Typical of me, I had grabbed the clothes I was wearing quickly…in the dark so as not to wake my sleeping husband. The result of my hasty dressing was a new lululemon running tank and an old pair of gym shorts. I know…when was the last time you heard the term gym shorts? You may have to reach pretty far back into your memory…think 1980’s high school P.E. class for that one. Anyway, by the time I swung into a parking spot, slipped on my running shoes and was tying up the laces, Susan was walking up to my car to say good morning. She greeted me out my drivers side window. “Nice shirt,” she said. I thanked her as I got out of my car and turned to lock the door. That’s when I heard her say, “Oh, sister…really?” I knew immediately she had seen the shorts. Although it was still dark out, her keen fashion eyes had caught the faux pas. “Have I taught you nothing?” She asked. [Read more…]