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If You Want Lean Muscle Mass, It’s More About What you Eat and Less About What You Do

Most athletes want to be lean regardless of the sport in which they participate.  In fact, most of us, whether we are super athletic or weekend warriors, want lean muscle mass. So what is the most effective way to become leaner?  The secret is nutrition.  In other words, it’s what we eat…not what we do.  I have written many times about the Rule of 70. I believe weight loss/weight maintenance is 30% what we do (exercise), and 70% what we eat.  I think Alan Tyson would agree as he recently wrote about what we can do to create lean bodies with less training, and why it is a good thing. The following are the foods Tyson recommends for creating and maintaining lean muscle mass while also maintaining fitness.  By eating a combination of the following foods, not only will you likely see increased muscle mass and a leaner body, your workouts will take on a whole new level. [Read more…]

Keys to Optmizing Lean Muscle Development – High Intensity Training (How to Use Cardio Training to Develop Strength

I recently wrote on 9 Kid Fitness about the myth of “developing” long, lean muscles.  Shortly afterward I received an email from trusted sports physical therapist Alan Tyson about “optimizing” lean muscle development ( a subtle, yet much more accurate way to say it).  Instead of explaining in my own inadequate words, I decided to reprint the entire article here. Note how Tyson says to avoid ALL sugar and fruit juices two hours after exercise.  Most of us are familiar with High Intensity Training HIT (or High Intensity Interval Training) and Tyson explains it further here… [Read more…]