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Hoka One One: The Newest Running Shoe Bandwagon?

hoka one oneimagesI first heard the name Hoka One One when my husband showed me an article about the new running shoes.  He asked me how I thought you pronounced it, “Hoka 1..1.., of course”.  Actually, no.  It’s pronounced Hoka One (oh-nay) One (oh-nay).  I read the article, and I couldn’t help thinking about the plight of butter (butter good….no, butter bad…no, butter good).  Or maybe just the fickleness of us humans.

We love a bandwagon.  Especially when it’s backed up by sound research and personal experience.  I am not saying, necessarily that the new Hoka One One shoes are the newest wagon to hop onto. It’s simply an observation.  Just like my observation at the running shoe store that my daughter (#5) works for.  I noticed a few months ago when she first started working and I came in to pick her up, not one “Five Finger” shoe could be found.  Hmmm, interesting. [Read more…]

Minimalist Running…Is it For You?

feetYesterday was a beautiful Easter Sunday, and in the evening my husband and I got out without the kids and went for a five mile walk on a trail near our home. We both wore our Vibram FiveFingers. My husband started running in the FiveFingers after reading Christpher McDougall’s Born to Run over a year ago. He owns a few pairs of the Vibram FiveFingers and had gotten up to running about four to five miles in them. The chronic persistent knee pain he had most of his adult life disappeared, and he was starting to think the minimalist shoes were the answer. Then he got a stress fracture. He has not been able to run in three months and might not be able to get back to it anytime soon. Was it the minimalist running? [Read more…]