New Lily

This Too Shall Pass….Unfortunately: Fitting in Exercise When Children are Young

mom and baby strollerimagesThe other day I took a break from homeschooling #7, #8, and #9 (John, C.C., and Sam) and went to a barre class at noon (#6 who is 14 was home). ¬†Although it’s been awhile since I was really unable to steal away, it still feels a little strange when I do. ¬†For so many years my only chance at exercise during the week was early in the morning or while the kids were napping (thank God for my lifecycle). It’s a question I’m often asked, “How did you fit it in when your kids were all young?” [Read more…]

A New School Year Brings a Fresh Perspective

School has begun. This makes me happy. It’s not that I don’t love summer, I do. In fact I prefer summer. I homeschool many of my children and so the start of the school year means a lot more work for me, but it also means routine again. Days without structure and late summer nights are wonderful, but I think most of us are ready for schedules and regularity again. Getting my children back into a routine helps me to get back into one as well. Although the substance of my workouts don’t change much, when and where I workout is different during the school year than in the summertime. Mostly I need to get up earlier now to fit in a workout around the school day, and I’m forced to be a little more regimented about my exercise. [Read more…]