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Running, Barre Classes, and Strength Workouts Combine to Make a Great Workout Schedule in My Mid-Forties

In my mid-forties strength workouts are one of the keys to fitness

In my mid-forties strength workouts are one of the keys to fitness

I turned 46 last February.  Wow…I am now closer to 50 than to 40 (but I’m ok with this – really)!  As I look ahead, I realize that I have settled into a routine that is suitable for my stage in life. Running, barre classes, and an at-home strength routine (often including the Lifecycle) …these are the workouts I love.  Of course for a mother of nine the other key to continuing fitness as I get older is strengthening my pelvic floor.

Now in my mid-forties, and with years of exercise under my belt, I’ve finally honed my workouts and become pretty efficient, too.  I never want to spend any extra time on exercise than is necessary.  There is so much more to do.  If anything, at this stage, less is more…  Fitness is very important, but there is a lot I like to do besides workout!  So a honed fitness routine is essential.

One of the best things I have done in the last few years is to add Barre to my workout regimen.  Barre classes (like Pure Barre) are a wonderful compliment to running, and definately keep me  less prone to injury because they are so low-impact.  With constant tight hamstrings, the stretching component of the barre classes counteract the pounding that my legs go through when I run.

Small, micro movements are the keys to barre workouts, working stubborn areas and toning all-around.  I have no desire to look “buff” and barre exercises have helped me gain muscle strength without the veins in my arms popping out!  While the results might be more subtle, after doing barre classes for almost two years, I know they’ve helped me develop lean muscle mass and  improve my balance and flexibility.  I feel great after a class, and the only complaint I have is the price tag.   Most facilities offer discounts for monthly passes, which helps.

In an ideal world, I would combine workouts to include a little of the following types of exercise: running, barre workouts, strength routines (with free weights or kettle bells), and swimming.  Although I haven’t swam for exercise in over two years, I hope to get into the pool this summer.  More than any other exercise, swimming is what creates for me the best all-body feeling after a workout (love that feeling …and miss it)!

I am happy with the routine I have fallen into over the years. It covers aerobic, strength, flexibility, and endurance.  I can tweek it to include fast stuff, lighter or heavier weights, more stretching, etc.  I do most of  my exercise early, but occasionally I’ll go to a late afternoon or evening barre class if my older kids are home to babysit.

Here is a typical week of exercise:..

Sunday off (or long run early)

Monday early am run

Tuesday 6 am barre class

Wednesday strength workout (sometimes on the exercise bike)

Thursday early am run

Friday sleep in…afternoon barre class

Saturday long run a little later (7 am)

Do you have a favorite workout schedule?

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