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Morning Exercise

Morning ExerciseI am a morning person, are you? If you are a morning person, exercise is a great way to start your day. For those who are not, maybe it’s not too late to try. At first, choose one day a week to wake up early to workout. See how it feels. I bet you won’t regret it! Here are a few reasons I think morning workouts are best:

1. It’s out of the way… It’s great to get up and go when you barely have time to think about NOT doing it. TIP: Lay out clothes/ gear the night before, making it easier to get up and out. This also avoids the excuse of not having time to get ready. Or call a friend to meet you for a workout or morning run. Having to meet someone is often just the incentive you need to not skip out on it yourself!
2. It doesn’t interfere with the rest of your responsibilities… I have a lot of kids. And therefore, a lot to do in the morning. If I can get up and out before they even get up, then when I get home, they haven’t even known I was gone!
3. It’s a great way to benefit from calorie burn all day… We know that we can still burn calories after we workout, especially if we have done strength training. It is a great feeling, for the rest of the day, to know that our bodies are still feeling the burn…even if we aren’t!
4. It’s a positive start to the rest of your day… If you are like me, you can be motivated by beginning something well. On the days I workout early, I tend to eat better all day. I guess I just figure that I started off well by exercising, why blow it by eating poorly. So for me, early workouts set a precedent for a whole healthy day.
5. It makes you sleep better at night… When you wake up early and get moving, your body is ready to hit the sack by the end of the day. Exercising in the morning can help if you have trouble falling asleep.
6. It’s a way to be thankful… I am grateful for the body God gave me, and for the desire to keep it healthy and feeling good. When I get up to exercise, I feel like it is way of thanking God for all the blessings in my life!

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