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A Funny Thing Happened on my Run This Morning!

A funny thing happened this morning on my run.  I had met my friend, Susan at about 5:40 and we ran six and a half miles, mostly in the dark.  When we parted ways, the sun was just coming up and I had about a half mile left before I got home.  I love this time of morning when it isn’t still dark, but it’s not yet light, either…things appear shadow-like. 
As I made my way home, I noticed the “school traffic” was already picking up and I had to run a little off the road (there is no shoulder).  A school bus was stopping just ahead, and about 10 kids were waiting to get on, so I slowed down my pace until I had to totally stop to wait for the last of the children to file on, so that the bus could get around me.  That’s when I realized the bus driver waving at me and motioning me to come over.  Puzzled, I walked to the doorway and peered up at what seemed to be (from down on the ground) a rather looming figure behind the wheel of the bus.  She yelled, “Goodness child, hurry up and get on!” I was a little stunned I think, because all I could think to say was, “Oh, I’m just walking”.  I guess she realized her mistake, because she just shut the bus doors and was off, leaving me watching the bus as it drove away.  I looked at some of the parents who had been waiting with their children, and we all  laughed!  After a second or two, I slowly resumed my run, still chuckling to myself… I mean, it’s one thing to be called younger, but elementary school-age?! That’s when I decided to not to run the rest of the way home…I skipped!

Do you have anything funny that has happened to you while running or working out?  Share it!

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