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13 Great Tips for Healthy Eating

Eating shouldn't be complicated.  It should be as easy as riding a bike!

Eating shouldn’t be complicated. It can be as easy as riding a bike!

My good friend, Alan Tyson, physical therapist and owner of Architech Sports, posted the following healthy tips for athletes.  I believe they make sense for all of us!

Tip #1 Turns out mom was right…EAT BREAKFAST (within one hour of waking up).

Tip #2 EAT OFTEN (about every three hours).

Tip #3 Have a source of PROTEIN at every meal or snack (meat, fish, eggs or egg whites, yogurt, etc.).

Tip #4 Get 20 oz. of PROTEIN after your workout (not the carb-heavy stuff).

Tip #5 Drink H2O!  At least 63 oz. (or more) every day.

Tip #6 Eat a combination of healthy CARBS, healthy PROTEIN, and healthy FATS at every meal.

Tip #7 Have FRESH FRUITS and VEGGIES several times a day.

Tip #8 Say NO to FRIED FOODS (and to trips through the fast food lanes).

Tip #9 Make NON-PROCESSED FOODS the main part of your daily intake.

Tip #10 Eat more in the EARLY part of the day and less in the LATER part.

Tip #11 It’s OK to go to bed a little hungry….in fact, try it tonight!

Tip #12 EAT to LIVE (don’t live to eat).

Tip #13 (This one I added).  ENJOY your MEALS!!!!!!

*Source: Chip and Michele Sigmon


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