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You Might Be Surprised What 200 Calories Looks Like!

That's a whole lot of celery!

That’s a whole lot of celery!

In today’s online world, images are everything.  The images in this article, “What 200 Calories Looks Like” (Fast Company) tell a whole lot!  There are many ways to eat 200 calories.  You get a whole lot more when you pick the healthy stuff.

For me, this photo slideshow is an excellent reminder.  I consider myself a fairly healthy eater.  Yet when I see the comparison of food in the 200 calorie range, I realize just how poor my choices really are.  It is a matter of being smart.  When I find time, cutting up veggies such as celery and carrots and putting them in the fridge for quick access.  Boiling water and throwing in eggs to hard boil.  Using ketchup sparingly!  Here is the link…what do you think?

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