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What Do You Do When Your Running Partner is Injured?

Here I am with #9 (Sam). I know…I’m not running.

I am officially pitiful.  I can’t believe how fast I have become unmotivated!  My running partner, Susan (the one I run with the most), is injured.  She broke her toe when a mannequin at work fell on her foot.  OUCH.  That was a month ago.  Since then I have suffered from a serious lack of motivation (it wasn’t my toe, I know – guess I am a very empathetic friend). I used to meet Susan at 5:30 am about three times a week, but now I have basically almost stopped even setting my alarm for an early morning run.  Thank God for the other Susan in my life…my twin sister.  She and I run together at least once a week, usually around 6:15 am from her house.  I am grateful for her and for that run once a week!  But she is training to run the Savannah Half Marathon in November and is therefore in much better shape than me at the moment. With every week I notice how much slower I seem in comparison.

Look at these people...happily running on a treadmill.  What's wrong with me that I hate treadmills?

Look at these people…happily running on a treadmill. What’s wrong with me that I hate treadmills?

What to do?   My cross country team runs almost every afternoon.  However, I have a wide range of abilities on the team and I need to stay with my slower runners.  So I am rarely running more than two-three miles on those runs.  Worse yet, I have a treadmill at my house and I can’t bring myself to get on it.  What is wrong with me?  As a cross country coach, I find myself at least once a week (3 times last week) at a running race.  The less I run, and the more I see others run, the more pathetic I feel.  I mean it would be one thing if I was the one injured.  It is a double whammy because my daughter (#5 – Annie) is also injured…with a torn hip flexor.  OUCH.  She and I often run long together on Sundays….but she is out of commission too.

I did meet up with my friend Karrie, who took pity on me and brought over her son, Jake to run with the baby jogger last weekend.  We got almost eight miles in.  The next day I felt something I had not felt in a long time after a run…SORE.  Geez.  OKAY! …It is time to stop feeling sorry for myself (I can still feel sorry for Susan).  I have decided to do something else I haven’t done in a long time.  Sign up for a race. So, I am now looking for a race to do…probably a half-marathon….probably in December or January.  Any thoughts?  Can’t go too far from Charlotte.  Tell me what you are training for!? What do you do when your training partner is injured?

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