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The One Minute Torture Session…I Mean Bodyblade.

samuraiI never believed you could get a decent workout in ten or fifteen minutes until I tried the Bodyblade. Imagine a samurai sword with a grip in the center and flat rubber ends. I used the Bodyblade this morning (as a part of a routine where I do exercises for about one minute each), however it can be used by itself for a complete workout. If you have never used the Bodyblade, it is an experience! It takes a while to get the hang of it, but when you do, the exercises use the whole core, take focus and concentration, and are exhausting (I can usually only last about 15 seconds before I have to take a break). Bodyblade exercises are executed by gripping the center of the blade and shaking it back and forth. The Bodyblade can oscillate back and forth in various directions and angles to train different body parts. It’s an awesome way to get an effective muscle sculpting workout within a short span of time, if used properly. The exercise I do the most is the one done standing with legs shoulder length apart in squatting position. With the blade vertical, I grip it with both hands, and in a controlled manner oscillate it back and forth. There are many other exercises you can do. In fact it’s creator, California physical therapist, Bruce Hymanson, began using it with his rehab patients. Hymanson sought to create an exercise regimen that would train the muscles around the shoulders without forcing the joint to initially go through a wide range of motion, thus minimizing pain. Bodyblade’s oscillating motion forces the shoulder muscles, as well as hundreds of other muscles, to contract 270 times a minute.

Hymanson has taken this efficient yet effective movement and incorporated it into more than thirty expandable exercises. Another physical therapist, Alan Tyson (owner of Architech Sports and Physical Therapy), uses it for shoulder rehab and for athletic training because of it’s implications for core strengthening. The Bodyblade is about $50, and many gyms and workout facilities have them for use by clients. I sound as if I’m selling it or something, but in fact, I don’t have one at home…I would rather not pay for the samurai torture session if I don’t have to!

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