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The Beach and the Baby Jogger

beachMy children and I are in Bald Head Island for two days visiting some friends who have a house here. To get to the island you take a ferry, bringing whatever bags and gear on board with you. Since we are staying such a short time, we didn’t bring much. One item was large and a little unwieldy, but essential for the trip…the Baby Jogger.

This morning we woke up to cool and cloudy weather on Bald Head, and a run was calling my name! Almost everyone else was asleep except my three youngest, and I figured getting the three loudest out of the house early (so that everyone else could sleep) would be a good idea. So with #9 (Sam), #8 (C.C.), and #7 (John) in tow (John was my navigator), I set out for a run. Normally I don’t really like running in places that I’m not familiar with, but I knew we couldn’t get lost on an island, right? Besides, there were plenty of people out biking and walking, in case we needed to ask for directions. I wasn’t expecting to get a great workout in, just a little cardio and some fun with the kids. We were only about 5 minutes into the run when the fun part started to dampen. Sam was asking to get out, C.C. started crying because her donut fell out, and I was already exhausted from pushing three children up the hill that we had to face on our first turn out of “Keepers Landing” where we were staying. I juggled all of this for the next two miles, and then decided to call it quits. That’s when I realized you actually can get lost on an island, especially when all the bikers and walkers are no where in sight! Needless to say, by the time I finally found the road we were looking for, 35 minutes had passed and Sam was now in full throttle yelling to get out, I was somehow sticky from a donut I never touched, and even John was becoming increasingly discouraged by the fact that we had no idea where we were. When we started heading in the right direction, I became encouraged… even Sam seemed to rally with this new found sense of purpose. He calmed down, C.C. began to joyfully sing the ABC’s, and John hopped out and started to run alongside me. As we rounded the bend near the house and picked up speed, we could see others up and out and we knew the rest of the house was stirring. I felt like we had our little adventure, and it felt great to have a run out of the way. Now it was the beach that was calling our name!
Is it worth it to bring the Baby Jogger along on a trip? Do you have any vacation running stories to share?

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