New Lily

The Beach and the Baby Jogger

beachMy children and I are in Bald Head Island for two days visiting some friends who have a house here. To get to the island you take a ferry, bringing whatever bags and gear on board with you. Since we are staying such a short time, we didn’t bring much. One item was large and a little unwieldy, but essential for the trip…the Baby Jogger. [Read more…]

Ran Five With #5

running with teensI ran five miles yesterday with #5 (Annie), on a trail not too far from where we live. Annie will be 13 next week and is a very good little runner. We ran a warm-up mile, then a pick-up mile, and then one mile hard (she ran a 7:01, and I just tried to catch her…unsuccessfully). We finished with two easy miles. It was a beautiful spring Saturday and the sky was a true Carolina blue! [Read more…]