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Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D?

The best way to get more vitamin D is from the sun.

I recently asked friend and physical therapist, Alan Tyson, “If there was one supplement you would recommend to your otherwise healthy patients, what would it be?” You may or may not be surprised by his answer… it’s vitamin D.  He told me why it is so crucial and so I have highlighted his reasons and suggestions below. Very soon I will write another post which will explain how vitamin D affects performance in athletes.

Why Is Vitamin D Important?

Vitamin D plays a key role in the absorption of calcium.  When we don’t have adequate vitamin D stores, our body cannot absorb enough calcium from our diet that it needs, and this results in calcium depletion.  This depletion works to take calcium from our bones to maintain normal blood calcium levels and can often cause muscle and bone pain as well as muscle weakness.  This can ultimately lead to osteoporosis. [Read more…]

A Little Nine Kid Romance and Some Old-fashioned Vitamin D!

sunlightJames and I have been married for 22 years and we are on our first true vacation alone in all those years! We came down to Florida to stay at my mother’s house near Jupiter. A lot of logistics are necessary to accomplish this, and I am grateful to my sister Susan, and my mother who together have six of my children back home in Charlotte! James and I are relaxing, enjoying some romantic dinners alone, and soaking in some Vitamin D.

Speaking of Vitamin D, it appears to be making a comeback and is receiving some publicity lately, especially in it’s most natural form (sunlight). I am part of the generation that grew up hearing about the negative effects of too much sunlight. This is why most of us who are parents feel guilty if we don’t totally lather our children up when they go out in the sun. As a woman, I know how the sun causes my face to wrinkle and show creases prematurely (being a runner that started about ten years ago for me!). While most of these things are true, research is showing the importance of Vitamin D, especially as we age. [Read more…]