New Lily

Day Two at Lovejoy Pond…The Way Life Should Be

Peter (#4) diving off the high platform at Lovejoy Pond, Maine.

Day Two August 15, 2012. Thought for the day: “The Way Life Should Be…”

As I write this it’s the end of Day Two of the Hetzel Adventures in Good Clean Fun. I find my eyes half closing at 10:20 p.m. and, considering all that we did today, I’m surprised they don’t simply rebel against me and shut on their own for the night. We just finished playing the second round of Phase 10 and it’s still not a completed game yet. I have figured out, though, that personalities are revealed through card games and you can learn a lot about your children by playing a few games with them!

I noticed while driving into Maine on Monday that the welcome sign said, “Maine…The Way Life Should Be”. I realized that today was the way life should be as well (although the perfect day would have included our three older children too). Since I am too tired to write much, I”ll simply highlight today bullet-point style. [Read more…]