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Day Two at Lovejoy Pond…The Way Life Should Be

Peter (#4) diving off the high platform at Lovejoy Pond, Maine.

Day Two August 15, 2012. Thought for the day: “The Way Life Should Be…”

As I write this it’s the end of Day Two of the Hetzel Adventures in Good Clean Fun. I find my eyes half closing at 10:20 p.m. and, considering all that we did today, I’m surprised they don’t simply rebel against me and shut on their own for the night. We just finished playing the second round of Phase 10 and it’s still not a completed game yet. I have figured out, though, that personalities are revealed through card games and you can learn a lot about your children by playing a few games with them!

I noticed while driving into Maine on Monday that the welcome sign said, “Maine…The Way Life Should Be”. I realized that today was the way life should be as well (although the perfect day would have included our three older children too). Since I am too tired to write much, I”ll simply highlight today bullet-point style.

Highlights of Day Two:
–Woke up to the sound of loons again…I could get used to that!
–While Annie and Peter ran 8 miles around the lake… John, Grace, and me (with Sam and C.C. in jogger) ran 5 (extremely hilly) miles. We stopped a few times “to smell the flowers”. Ok, we actually stopped at the Apple Shed for turnovers, blueberries, and strawberry milk. It started to rain. We ran as quickly as we could back to the cabin.
–I made breakfast (oatmeal pancakes and fruit) while the kids all went down to the lake to fish in the rain. They caught seven Sunny fish.
–After breakfast (it was already 11:45) the clouds cleared a little and we all went down for a swim. John and Annie were trying to dive for the first time off of the platform high dive on the dock. It only took them a few hours…
–I walked up the hill to the laundry outhouse with my little helper #9 (Sam) and did a load of wash in between time hanging out on the dock with the kids.
–The skies had cleared and were now an incredible azure blue and the lake was calling my name.  With James on the dock with the kids, I took out one of the kayaks and sailed across the lake and back…alone! That was THE highlight!
–We drove into Augusta (about 30 minutes) to St. Augustine’s for the 6 p.m. Holy Day Mass (today was the Feast of the Assumption).
–On the way back from Augusta we stopped at a place called Damon’s for pizza (I know…we didn’t follow the rules of the adventure…but I am already finding the rules to be difficult to follow on vacation…we will continue to try though!).
–We played round two of Phase 10… I am now in the lead which is amazing since I am terrible at cards.
–Kids fell into their beds at  10:20….I’m still awake writing this.

Day Two at Lovejoy Pond over and done.

P.S. Today was the way life should be…

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