New Lily

Consider This Your Warning…Beware of the Sugar Monster This Holiday Season!

The sugar monster comes in late October and lurks around corners through December…BEWARE!

You have heard me on many occasions at 9 Kid Fitness talk about sugar.  I guess it is a sort of love-hate relationship that I have developed over a long period of years.  I love sugar because it tastes good and often satisfies in ways other foods just don’t.  I hate it because no matter how temporarily satisfying it is, it is usually regretted later.  I’m not talking about the occasional sugary treat.  I am talking about the sugar monster lurking around the corner…only so happy to be indulged in and to “satisfy” an unsuspecting victim.

I realize that the word victim is not entirely appropriate.  A victim usually doesn’t have any culpability.  In the case of sugar, most of us have enough knowledge and experience to know better than to be a true victim.  However, as with many other vices, we can be caught off guard and we can experience a type of amnesia about past consequences.  Although I am not a nutritionist, I believe that I have a vast resume of experience on this topic and therefore feel that I can speak with a sort of authority on the subject. So consider this your fair warning.  Don’t be caught off-guard! [Read more…]