New Lily

Together We Are “16 Kid Fit”!

Sisters16 kids! That is how many children my sisters’ Susan, Elizabeth, and I have all together. When we get together, like we did last week when Elizabeth came to Charlotte to visit from California, it is nonstop fun for all of the cousins.

Athletics are a big part of all of our lives. Between the three families, we have quite a few sports covered…swimming, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, and cross country to name a few. There is always some event to watch, and last week it was my nephew’s AAU basketball game…very exciting! But the real excitement was on my sister Susan’s driveway, where a different kind of intense basketball took place… the cousin rivalry variety! It was Thomas, David, and Ben versus Adam, Charlie and Peter, and it was a thrillling nail-biter that came down to the wire. [Read more…]