New Lily

Killed Three Birds With One Stone

bikeA few weeks ago I wrote about not having enough time in my 9-kid weekend to squeeze in a workout. Yesterday I had the advantage, however. No soccer games! No swim practices! Nothing at all on our schedule. A highly unusual thing, to be sure. You bet I took advantage of that! I was able to ride the exercise bike, lift a few weights while doing so (read a book too!), then go for a five mile run with my friend, Susan. I figured I needed to cram it all in…I don’t know when I will have another “luxurious” weekend with no sports on the calendar. About an hour after we finished our run, a huge rain storm swept in. Nice timing! I even got a walk in last night with my sister, Elizabeth who just got in from California for a week-long visit… Anybody else have it so good this weekend?