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Nine Surprising Ways to Rev Up the Metabolism

1. Sleep more. When our bodies are rested they work better, pure and simple. According to EHow Health, during sleep, the body releases hormones. Growth hormone and melatonin are hormones that regulate our biological clock, benefit our body tissues, and work as antioxidants to help us fight off illness. Deep sleep also allows the body’s cells to increase and reduce the breakdown of proteins needed for the body to function properly. When there is a lack of sleep, there is not enough growth hormone and melatonin released to rejuvenate the body and maintain normal functioning. We have difficulty thinking and are ineffective doing tasks. Our body also has less ability to perform basic metabolic functions such as processing and regulating carbohydrates. Most of us know about how much sleep we need to function well. When we consistently compromise this number, our metabolism can be negatively affected. [Read more…]